Intelliway Architecture, created by Everex Communications, is a general purpose wireless mesh network based on 802.15.4 consisting of wireless gateway, router/repeater and endpoint devices for building automation and internet of things. Below is a simplified architecture of Intelliway:

Everex Communications has been designing and manufacturing wireless IoT products for customers since 2004 and has deployed millions of devices in the field. You can use Intelliway products to build many applications, from ultra-simple to ultra-complex.

For example, you can use Intelliway products in pulse metering, which is the most essential but straightforward application of smart buildings. Deployment of a pulse metering system seems simple; however, implementation usually requires a lot of labor-hours, especially when retrofitting existing buildings. This is where Intelliway comes in handy:

You can choose to use mesh network if there are multiple meters scattered; or point-to-point transmission if there is only one meter you would like to monitor. There are so many applications where you may find Intelliway products helpful. We would continue to share more use cases on this website.