More than 1 million Entellio wireless devices are deployed and in action

Core Units

Core components forming 802.15.4 Wireless Mesh Network powered by Intelliway Architecture


Wireless mesh sensing and control network designed for commercial buildings

The Gateway EC1 is an 802.15.4 PAN Coordinator supporting all Entellio Wireless Mesh Router/Repeater and Endpoint Devices. It hosts all configuration and management tools embedded on the device and presented through a web interface. Each Gateway supports 75 Router/Repeater Devices and hundreds of Endpoint Devices.

Intelliway Architecture
Gateway Data Sheet


Routers form mesh network and repeat signals among Gateway, Routers and Endpoints


Endpoint transmits signals through Routers to Gateway. Battery or line-power Operated


Point-to-Point set comes with two radio devices. One receives pulse input; another replicates.

Controllers & Miscs

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